Hina Shahnawaz shot dead on the eve of february 6th

Hina Shahnawaz, a young woman of 27, from Kohaat an m.phil degree holder, the only bread winner of her family was shot dead on the eve of February 6th. She took 4 bullets in her heart and the real agony was that the gun-holder was not a stranger behind the mask but it was her very own paternal brother who was so emasculated by her ability to sustain her family that he could not bear her existence that he had to murder his own blood. 

A few years ago, Hina started a job as her father was fighting with cancer and being the only well-read member of the family she took the responsibility. Her father died and after few month, her brother was murdered in a petty fight. His widow and two children now became her responsibility.

After the death of her sister's husband, she and her son also became dependent on Hina. After the death of her mother, she was burdened with the debt so she decided to sell some of the property. The appeal for the custody of her nephew was also one of her worries. She was not fighting with one but she was fighting in an arena.

She was not just the pride of her family but she will always be the pride of all the nation.

Lets stand together for the blood of the innocent, as it is the greatest burden of all. Say no to non-religious customs of feudal societies and stand for the rights of women.


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