another Shia Muslim Doctor has been killed in Pakistan.

(Blood stained White Coats ).
Today another Shia Muslim Doctor has been killed in Pakistan. Dr Mohsin Raza Naqvi has been killed at his clinic in the city of Sialkot ,Punjab.

Shia doctors always been the favorite target for banned terrorist outfits like Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar e Jhangvi, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan etc. 

Well since 2001 until present day minimum to minimum count of the target killings of Shia Doctors in Pakistan will exceed the number " 180", And if we look more behind then from 1963 to 2017 it will cross the figure of 1500,Current total population of Pakistan is more than 207 millions ,Registered Doctors in Pakistan according to the data of Pakistan medical and dental council is about means in Pakistan Doctor and Patient ratio is about 1: 1100 , means one doctor has to deal with at least 1100 patients,

International surveys tell us that our health system is so poor that according to the United Nations ,Pakistan ranked 149th among 188 countries in health goals ranking.

World health organization ranked Pakistan at 122 out of 191 countries in health services for the people in the country.
in such a poor condition every doctor is very important for the nation, Loss of every single Shia doctor been killed not only damaged a particular community but the whole nation,

Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi ,Dr Ali Haider and many more such names who has been the victim of Shia genocide were the asset of whole nation,Not only shias even Sunni brelivi Doctors ,and Ahmedi doctors also been victim of takfiri`s terrorism in the past as well.

But unfortunately takfiri terrorists keep on killing Shia doctors on the basis of sectarian issues, And Govt could not do anything to stop it.

I am being a Shia Muslim Doctor everyday sitting in my clinic always have this thing in my mind that might today is the day when a bullet from the gun of any terrorist of sipah sahaba or Lashkar e jhangvi will knock my head down and will stain my white coat with my red blood.

Written by : Dr Agha Waqar Hashmi .

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