A Pakistani Christian goes in hiding after attacks by Muslim extremists

Peshawar: April 21, 2015. (PCP) Farid Jani is on run to save his life after attack by Muslim extremists and threats to kill him and his family. He is in hiding with his family away from his native city.


According to information’s of Pakistan Christian Post, Farid Jani was distributing Christian religious books in front of gate of St. Augustine’s Church in city of Kohat city after Sunday Services on April 19, 2015, when some Muslim bearded men approached him and started beating him. The attackers shouted “Why you spreading teachings of infidel Christians to Muslims” “You infidels are liable to beheading” on which Farid Jani ran in Church compound to save his life and escaped from climbing back wall of Church compound while Muslim attackers set on fire Christian religious tracts and books snatched from him.

The Muslim attackers gathered more people and mob reached my home but when found that Farid Jani has not reached home, they looted and destroyed furniture in rooms and books. Before leaving they threatened parents of Farid Jani that if he did not stop my religious activities they would burn whole house and kill all members of family.


City of Kohat is bordering Waziristan and Afghanistan where Tehreek Talban Pakistan TTP has strong presence and religious elements commit violence against other religions except Islam. 

Farid Jani is in hiding away from his home in other city of Pakistan for safety of his life after threats by Islamic extremists on his evangelism and religious activities




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