Who We Are: All for One, One for All

MSP is each and every person in this world with a Conscience.  MSP is anyone who realizes violence in the name of religion is the height of hypocrisy.  MSP is anyone directly or indirectly affected by this abhorrent and inexcusable absence of justice in Pakistan.  MSP is anyone who finds themselves fed up, outraged, or just genuinely saddened that a once peaceful nation has descended so far into lawlessness and despair.  MSP is the individual and the ever-widening community who understands violence begets only violence and conspiracy theories beget only confusion.  MSP is all who have realized and seized upon the need for powerful, groundbreaking solutions to change this pattern.  This is the MSP we see and seek to create through persistence, hard work, and dedication to principles.

We are a diverse yet singularly focused group; diverse in ethnicity, geography, and belief, yet united in our respect for human rights and the practice of nonviolence.  We are Sunni and Shia, Sufis and Ahmadis, Christians and Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, Atheists and Agnostics.  We respect and embrace these differences, for this is the source of our power.  

Our work is beyond political labels and ideology; it is premised on the fact that Human Rights advocacy is by definition a universal, non-denominational, and inclusive process.  Our platform is practical - we research, educate, and mobilize for Human Rights based rule of law in Pakistan.  Our means are principled - we adhere to the proven tactics of nonviolence and civic pluralism in all that we do.  

If this seems reasonable to you, then you are most definitely in the right place!  This website is our base of operations.  We hope you will use it to    JoinEducate, and Organize on behalf of the Movement for Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan.  

ASALAM O AlAIKUM to all, and thank you for your committment...


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Thank you
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want to join your cause, proud of those who took that step.