Where We Work: MSP is Pakistan-centric!


MSP's investigative field research takes place exclusively in Pakistan.  

Our field researchers travel to all regions of the country - capital cities, towns, and the remotest villages - to conduct firsthand interviews and investigations of human rights abuses and failures of justice.  We embed with local communities for extended periods of time and build relationships based on trust.  We interview diverse stakeholders - community members, civil society and business leaders, government officials, military and law enforcement personnel - with the intention to gather data objectively and with an eye for impartiality.

Following the conclusion of our embedded field research, we continue to follow up and build relationships with our CSO/NGO partners and local liaisons.  We maintain open lines of communications to monitor rapidly changing situations and verify reports as events unfold on the ground.  After a full report has been written and published, we continue working closely with our partners to disseminate and promote the findings of our research. 

MSP's Advocacy and Education efforts take place in Pakistan as well as internationally.  Our eduction and advocacy campaigns work in multiple arenas: from high-level efforts to influence political and legislative processes to mass-mobilizations and grassroots community organizing.  Our goal throughout all arenas of our work is to substantially influence political, legislative, and judicial outcomes in support of our mission to achieve human rights based rule of law in Pakistan.

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