This is war, let us fight with Truth

This is war, not sectarianism. Shia killers are not religious people, and certainly not Muslims, in any way shape or form. That is the big lie that we need to shatter, that religion has anything to do with this at all. Shia killers are nothing but paid mercenaries, uneducated, and easily manipulable. Their middle managers and vitriolic cell leaders (such as Ishaq Malik) are nothing but greedy power hungry lunatics. But worse are their high level backers and financiers, in Karachi, the Kingdom of Saud, or wherever they may be. These people are in it for the LONG haul. For them, Shia killing is a TACTIC, of which the STRATEGY is to draw the government and military of Pakistan into a wider war - a civil war with east, west, and would-be southern fronts - and to come out on top, win, and take over the country, nothing less.  This is far more disconcerting that sectarian murder by itself.
The Hazara of Quetta are nothing to these men but the easiest and most convenient targets in Pakistan. They are the perfect trojan horse to draw the Army into a conflict from which they will never be able to retreat. It's provocation or a trap or both. The Khakis know this and they are scared. It is not that they choose NOT to act. It is that they are unable to act. They simply do not have the resources - they are drawn too thin already. They do not even have the resources to hunt down a few well funded lunatics in Mastung, let alone run an operation across the entire length and breadth of the province.  This is the real cause for concern. And this problem will not go away. It will only get worse, as I think we all know by now.
As a human rights organization with strict non-violent principles, we must use our legitimacy and our "Truth Force"  to mobilize people.  We must shed light on this horrifically desperate situation. We must mobilize people and if necessary to shock them into action. We must provide a model of non-violent resistance which anyone can follow - young and old, male and female, religious and atheist.  if we come even slightly short of that, then we fail. We must begin today by enforcing peace through non-violent resistance in the staunchest possible manner - never relenting. We need to reach such a scale across the country that the lunatic mercenaries will be afraid to show their faces, even in Mastung. 
If we do not speak truth to power now, then we should only expect more of the same in the future.  Our message must mobilize people in the strongest possible language.  People should be freed from fear - now! We must not evoke more fear but rather create a movement that is more powerful than fear, more powerful than all of the bomb blasts combined. We cannot count on the government of Pakistan or the United States or any other to do this for us.  But in they end these governments ARE on our side, they are now silent because they are powerless, but they do support us and they cannot stop us. They are actually saying, please help us. The good people of Pakistan must now stand up, take the place of their failed government and enforce Peace all across the land.
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