Once again human killed humanity

Dilawar belonged to Gilgit Baltistan and was living Lahore for higher studies taking dreams of bright future. He was the only support of his parents.


He was playing football in the common playground and a cricket team attacked him with all, Bats, Wickets, etc.

He Had been beaten by a group of 20 Boys in Lahore last week, He was on ventilator for last 3 Days in General hospital Lahore. And Toady he lost his life.
Once again human failed to save humanity. I had heard that 'Lahoris' are hospitable people but it was wrong. Lahoris failed to save their guest.

Another Mishal has brutally murdered by a mob but this time in a play ground. This time everything is OK, no news about this incident gone viral, not a single headline appeared on media, I don't know why? May be it was not such a big incident. Lets ask about the intensity of the incident to his parents for whom Dilawar was the only son. No inquiry, no investigation, no statment, no debate, Isn't that the prejudice? 
Where are all social media activists and bloggers? 
Please raise your voice?

This type of tradition is dangerous for our society
We Demand Justice For Dilawar Abbas 
Details of the incident in FIR


                                                              sunni muslim


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