We seek a just and peaceful Pakistan in which all citizens of the nation, regardless of their class, ethnicity, or religion receive equal protection under the law and the law consistently upholds universal human rights to life, liberty, and freedom of belief for all people of all communities in Pakistan.

To achieve our vision, we have established a nonprofit organization (MSP Incorporated) to carry out investigative research and field reporting on the state of human rights, civil liberties, and justice in Pakistan.  Based on the findings of our research we advocate for specific policy and seek to influence political and legislative processes in order to achieve tangible outcomes toward our goal of human rights based rule of law in Pakistan.

We also aim to build a mass social movement in support of this cause.  The purpose of the Movement is to educate and mobilize people in Pakistan and the world over to demand action, stand in solidarity and peace, and vociferously advocate for the protection of the country's most beleaguered communities.  

We are a human rights advocacy organization founded, directed, and supported by victims, activists, and ordinary citizens alike.  We have no other purpose but to shed light and break the silence on this most critical issue.  For we believe that if the pattern of religiously motivated terrorist violence in Pakistan continues, the wellbeing and perhaps the very survival of the nation hangs in the balance.

Everything we do - our programs, activities, and people - are steadfastly rooted in the fundamental principles of nonviolence.  We reject the mob mentality that dominates modern day politics and instead we practice independent reasoning and critical thinking and embrace civic pluralism and an abiding respect for the diversity of life in all its forms.  

We encourage all who share this vision and these values - whoever and wherever you may be - to join us, educate yourself, and mobilize your networks.  This platform has been created as means to do that and more.




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