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Rawalpindi Ashura Procession Under Attack

November 15

Rawalpindi Ashura procession under attack, Shiites burnt alive, mosques, Imam Bargahs and market incinerated

Terrorists attacked Ashura processions, burnt Shiites alive and also put on fire Shia mosques, Imam Bargahs and a cloth market in Rawalpindi on Friday.

Shiite News Correspondent reported that a Yazidi Friday prayer leader of Deobandi Masjid Ghulamullah was inciting the supporters making a pro-Yazid and anti-Imam Hussain (AS) hate-speech.

As soon as the Ashura procession that began from Colonel Maqbool Imam Bargah, reached Fountain Chowk Kashmir Bazaar, the Yazidi terrorists and fanatics hiding inside the mosque opened firing upon the azadar (mourners).



Series of bomb attacks injures 20 in Karachi

November 13

KARACHI: Three bomb and grenade attacks near Imambargahs in North Nazimabad and North Karachi on Wednesday night left about 20 people injured. The attacks sowed fear in the city on the eve of Ashura processions that have drawn tight security measures across the metropolis.

The injured included policemen, Rangers personnel and media persons.

Officials believed that the attacks took place in ‘sensitive’ areas and were aimed at creating disturbances.

Two men were wounded when a small improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Pahar Ganj area and over 15 others suffered injuries in another blast not very far away.



Shiites injured as Yazidi terrorists attack an azadari juloos in Muzaffar Garh

November 12

Several Shia Muslims were hurt when Yazidi nasbi takfiri terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba attacked an azadari procession in Khan Garh Doma, Ali Poor area of district Muzaffar Garh on Tuesday.

Shiite News Correspondent reported that notorious terrorists were trying to block and disperse the azadars so that they could not proceed with the procession. They sprayed volleys of bullets at the azadars and and also set fire on the route of the procession. The terrorists gathered at Gujar Chowk but police has taken no action against them.

Azadars have begun protest against the attack and lack of action against the terrorists.


Religious tension in Pakistan as Muslims dig up Hindu grave

October 10

KARACHI: A Hindu grave was dug up near Pakistan's southern city of Karachi in a dispute over burial plots, police said Tuesday.

Local residents in Pangrio town, some 225 kilometres east of Karachi, protested that a man from the minority Hindu community had been buried in the main Muslim graveyard.

“The members of the Muslim community dug up the grave on Sunday, removed the body and handed it over to the town administration,” local police officer Aslam Khanzada told AFP.



October 10

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif claimed during his address at UN General Assembly that minorities are enjoying equal rights. Really?


Peshawar blast kills 38, injures 100

September 29

PESHAWAR: At least 38 people were killed and 100 others sustained injuries in a blast in Peshawar’s Qissa Khwani area on Sunday, a week after a bombing at a church in the city killed scores, police and hospital authorities said.

Islamist violence has been on the rise in Pakistan in recent months, undermining Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's efforts to tame the insurgency by launching peace talks with the Taliban.



Blast near church in Peshawar kills 60, injures 55

September 22

PESHAWAR: An explosion near a church in Peshawar's Kohati gate area killed 60 persons and wounded 10 others on Sunday.

The blast took place in the ground of a church near Kohati Gate at Qissa Khwani bazaar. According to the police, the intention of the blast was suicidal.

More than 300 people were attending sunday prayers at local church when the incident took place.

The injured have been shifted to Lady Reading Hospital for treatment. The rescue operation is ongoing.



Karachi:3 dead, 16 hurt in Landhi hand grenade attack

September 19

KARACHI: A hand grenade attack at Imambargah took palace in Majeed Colony area of Landhi, leaving Three  person dead and 16 more injured here on Thursday night, police said.

According to hospital sources, the injured were rushed to Jinnah hospital. Three wounded persons are said to be in critical condition.

Police have put the security cordon.



minorities and federalism

August 31

All countries in the world include persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, enriching the diversity of their societies. Although a great variety of minority situations exist, common to all is the fact that, too often, minorities face multiple forms of discrimination resulting in marginalisation and exclusion. Achieving effective participation of minorities and ending their exclusion requires that we embrace diversity through the promotion and implementation of international human rights standards.


9 killed in Bhakkar sectarian clashes

August 24

ISLAMABAD/ Bhakkar : Atleast 9 Shia Men were Martyred by the UnProvoked attack and firing of the SSP Rally on the Shia Neighbor Hood of Kotla Jam area of Punjab Province of Pakistan , and about 15 men were injured by the Unprovoked firing of the SSP terrorists.

A Rally which was Organised and Planned By Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP ) ( Alias Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat ) was taken out to attack the Shia residents of the Kotla Jaam area , so as they reached the area , who have come with all the Preperations to attack with automatic weapons , first tried to Provoke the Shia Men , by chanting Takfiri Slogans and then they started firing direct on the Shia Men present , due to which about more than a dozen Shia Men were injured , and some were critically wounded due to the gun shots, who were transferred to the Hospital , but out of which 5 of them could not scummb to their fatal injuries and embraced Martydom, while other were being treated at the Hospital , as these terrorist of SSP have intentionally come in the form of Mob to create tension and chaos in the Darya Khan and Kotla Jaam area.


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